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For those of you who have no freaking idea what DUNE is (and where the hell have you been???), it's a book written by Frank Herbert in the 1960's. It was made into an interesting film in the 1980's by the extremely talented David Lynch. Not a bad effort when you consider the enormous scope of the story. I mean DUNE is an epic! It really needs to be told as a series rather than one film, but Lynch had no such options at the time and did as fine a job as was possible. I like it - Lynch is brilliant! In 1999 and 2000 the Sci Fi Channel had their version of this wonderful story filmed and completed. I was fortunate enough to work on some of the effects. Here I will relate my experiences.

P.S. Here's Frank and Tony (AI Effects, Inc) with their Emmy Awards! Or you can see my Emmy Certificate.

here is some of my Dune Special Effects uploaded to youtube


:The Baron was floating around on a crane. We don't yet have 'anti-grav' devices so I had to remove all evidence of tracks, cranes, crew and add the other actors.

:The Baron once again needs to Float and your's truly is brought in to supply the Big Air under his cloak. And do it by removing the "skateboard". Hmm. This gives me an idea for a new DUNE game....oh, nevermind!

:More Floating and crane removal. This is getting monotonous! Unfortunately, Feyd is also found to be "floating" and he's not supposed to do that! This sounds like a job for......Super Spliner

:The is the END of the Floating and crane removal. Thank the Ghods! No, I didn't have fun here, but they can't all be fun!


DUNE Part One

:Paul sees his father the Duke in a dream. While it wasn't a dream to make this shot it certainly came out like one!

:The Royal Family is busy traveling on trains in Arrakis, but, WAIT!! there are no trains!!!! Enter, TA DA...the special effects artist!


DUNE Part Two

This scene of Paul doing one of his "weirding" things during a battle is a perfect example of a special effect done while the audience is totally unaware of it.

I had to invent sand under Jessica's running feet as she tries to keep up and climb aboard a moving desert worm. Not for the faint-hearted!

Why can't American Television handle nakid bodies??? Why is American TV full of uptight Puritains? I have no answers. Sorry. Just a shot with a covered Butt-crack!


DUNE Part Three


The Eyes Have It:This is the shot where I fix a problem with the infamous blue eyes.

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