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Hello, everybody!!! Here you can find information on how I've made some effects for certain TV Projects and films. I have included my articles from NewTekniques Magazine. Plus, if you need help with a project, click here.....

NEWS!!! Whatever happens to be going on at the moment, this is where you can find out about it! Plus, my on going list of new items added to my CD.

Since NewTekniques has left the universe I am archiving my articles here for all to learn, enjoy or laugh at. Depending on your bent! I'm also writting NEW articles and placing them here! Have a question regarding image processing? Blue screen?
Need help with a project? Anyone wishing to have their every problem solved should email me right 

I did some of the special effects for the Emmy Award Winning Sci Fi Channel's Frank Herbert's DUNE and here I relate as much as I can remember about how I did some of these shots. Children of Dune has gotten several Emmy Nominations. It got the Special Effect Emmy.

A list of links I think are interesting. Including links to the Emmy and Hugo Nominations and awards.

This page will have ruminations about my career and various rants and whatever I feel like venting on. That will include RSI. I also have a sample portfolio of work, some of which was done before computers entered my life.

Have Digital Camera, Will Photograph. See the amazing results!

My review of some work I did for the incredible series, "From the Earth to the Moon" (17 Emmy nominations!) Also, A tribute to Tony and Frank.

The page where I list all programs and images (and whatnot) that I have been making for Amiga OS, OS4 and MorphOS.


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