ImageFX Articles


Gif Saver For the newbie or just as a review this article explains how to use the Gif Saver Module
PNG icons This article explains how to make PNG icons using IFX4.5
KeyFrame 101 Here you get how to use the KeyFrame Manager. It's the introductory article. With, hopefully, more to come!

I redid this old  (TextFX2)  text script so it uses ImageFX 4 layers. I also made a text script which adds a "neon" type glow around your text. Try it out.


This is a list of Layer commands which I made for IFX Currents Newsletter. I keep adding to this list when new versions of IFX include more commands. There are new Arexx commands with IFX4.5 Older Version of article


Is the Text Hook driving you crazy???? Well, maybe it's not really the Text Hook. No, don't go to therapy....just take a look at the TextFontCache file. There may be a solution to this problem yet! Or, maybe not! Take a look! Older Version of article



Copies of some issues of New Tekniques can be now found on that site as PDF's. Using my own paper copies, this site and the list of specific on line articles I can recall where the old articles first appeared. This is more to satisfy my own morbid satifaction of history than anything else.

My first article: All about Blue Screen. Someday I'll finish the companion 'Green Screen' article. When I have - HA! - the time.

In this article I use my dad to show the true wonders of layers. Not to mention the nutritional value of fruit!

Everything you ever wanted to know about Color Curves but were afraid to ask! But what do curves have to do with sailors in the South Seas? Enter and find out.....

Start learning how to use layers in versions 3 and 4 of ImageFX with the text hook. I've included some of my Arexx scripts in a zip file.

Need to add titles to your images? Need to know the Action Safety of your footage? Included is an Arexx script which will help you do just that.


Just a few tips on how to spiffy up your images using some clever scripts that others have made (and I'm "stealing"). Gosh, I'm sure they won't mind...;)

Ever wanted to do a wipe between two different images with a Ripple effect? Well, now you can! Enter and find out how!!!

Show the Special Effects people in Hollywood that YOU TOO can transport people and objects in and out of your scenes! Make BIG money, show off!

Don't limit yourself to Earth! Go out and make Mars a new planet using Regions and CCGamma!!


My last article for The Gateway. I explain how to use two IFX hooks LumiEssence and BiColorize which were made by Ron Jensen. Older Version of article

A list of some of my reviews of Amiga software.