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Stiff Little Fingers: The best Band in the entire Universe!

Ian McCallum: A member of Stiff Little Fingers and this site is for his solo career.

the Real McKenzies: punk meets (Scottish) bagpipes.

Special Effects

AI Effects: A reconstruction of the AIFX web site.

Atlantic West Effects: Gabe is a really talented fella I've known for years.

area51: Wonderful folks that made alot of the effects for the DUNE series.

Garden Of Allah: Digital Visual Effects Home Page. Helped make some of the best effects for both DUNE series and From the Earth to the Moon.

TERROR RADIO: If you are in the Los Angeles area Join The Lovely Terry & Poor Tommy for an evening of peculiar and disturbing cerebral machinations. Bring your brain! Have an opinion! Clothes optional!

THE SCOTIA NEWS: Everything you ever wanted to know about what is going on with Scottish-American activities.

The Talking Picture Company: Need storyboards, conceptual art, historical research? Then this is the site.

Dark Angel Productions: Visit the home of Alex Simmons and his fine historical comic book - Blackjack. One of the best anywhere on the planet.

African American: Liturature Book Club with Alex Simmons page.

News about Alex Simmons: professors start assigning graphic novels as required reading.

Don Maitz
My favorite Science Fiction/Fantasy artist.

The story of a cannibal in Scotland. Whet your appetite with the first four chapters of this on-line novel. You'll leave hungry for more.

Twisted Sales: Buy a piece of movie memorabilia from the demented cult film Spookies.

Eagleson Design: A Very Professional site with on-line comics and many other artistic projects

Audio Transformations: Dedicated to restoring and preserving all types of audio media. Doing Grammy nominated quality work for years.

Old Town Theaters: Is a corporation formed in 1996 for the sole purpose of rehabilitation and operating the center complexes, which includes the Saenger Theatre and Annex building next door, and the Community Theatre.

Gadget Nutz: Your one stop web site for finding out about the lastest and the greatest electronic toy.

Save Carnivale: A site dedicated to bringing back one of the best shows made on HBO. Staring the fabulous Mike Anderson as Samson. Mike is a multi-talented actor who also worked with me on "From the Earth to the Moon".

DUNE Award Links

Emmy Award

DUNE got three Nominations (and won two Awards, BTW).

The Landsraad: keeping the faith

AI FX: Frank and Tony with their awards!

World Science Fiction Convention: DUNE was nominated for a 2001 Hugo. (The award was named after the editor Hugo Gernsback, who in April 1926, published the first pulp science fiction magazine, Amazing Stories).

US Deaths in Iraq since March 20th, 2003

GifArt: A nifty place to get web buttons, gifs, backgrounds, etc.

Clip Art: Very cool French clip art, buttons and whatever.

Engineering Explanation of why the Twin Towers fell: An interesting discussion of how the fire from the plane fuel melted the steel structure of the buildings.

Petition : Let's Rebuild the World Trade Center and Twin Towers!

BBC AMERICA: The Web Site of the Cable Channel which has such cool shows as AbFab, Coupling, Hamish Macbeth, Father Ted, Monarch of the Glen, Ground Force, Changing Rooms and others.

THE BREAST CANCER SITE: The Breast Cancer site is having trouble getting enough people to click on it daily to meet their quota of donating at least one free mammogram a day to an underprivileged woman. Go to their site & click on "donating a mammogram" for free (pink window in the middle) their corporate sponsors/advertisers use the number of daily visits to donate a mammogram in exchange for advertising.

conservative news and information I'm not "conservative", but information should never be one-sided. Make up your own mind.

Skeptical Inquirer Magazine And now, the Other side........My personal preference.

Astronomy Picture of the Day.

The Project Apollo Archive Lots of cool pics from the Apollo missions, links, videos, etc.

ban comic sans A site dedicated to a font.

Brother Theodore Bio and interesting info.

The No Show Brother Theodore - Sunday, November 09, 2003 (real audio of radio show).

Mother Nature Before and after pics of the damage by the tsunami.

War on Drugs The price on the so called war on drugs.Is it worth it?

Prison Is it big business? Is it worth it?

Terraforming Mars Interesting maps and views of what Mars would look like if transformed.

Sun Map Several views of earth and the moon as they move around the Sun.

World Clocks What time is it around the world.

Solar System Clock Where are all the planets right now?

Maurice R. Hilleman: Scientist Developed Many Vaccines That Saved Millions of Lives. LA Times Article and Forbes Article

The best Mousepad in history - made with microfiber. No kidding! I will NEVER use any other type again. It works with any style of mouse.

Frank Zappa on Crossfire in the 80's. He's talking about censorship and words. And, as usual, is brilliant!

For web page writers: Character entities and their ISO codes.

Amiga Links

NovaDesign: The software company that created ImageFX - the best image processing program for the Amiga.

Aminet : The new and improved Aminet. The biggest repository of amiga-related files. One of the things that makes the Amiga Community unusual. : Amiga Company site featuring AmigaForever. Keep track of what's happening to Amiga

Amiga Realm: Amiga Web Directory Service. An amazing and useful site that will take you awhile to cover!

Total Amiga Magazine: There ARE Amiga Magazines out there!

100%AMIGA CD Magazine: Get a new Cd Magazine every month with News, Reviews, animations, etc! Really "multimedia!"

pdf for Amiga: Apdf support site. It works with your Amiga Browsers!

Randy Blymire's IFX scripts: Stuff (scripts, utilities, etc) I like to use.

AmigaExpo : The Amiga and Alternative Platforms Conference.

Amithlon : useful FAQ's (unofficial)

Amithlon : HAAGE & PARTNER Computer GmbH

Ron Jensen's web site : Find interesting hooks and information to better use ImageFX.

CyberGraphX Home Page : Pages stored at the wayback-machine. Some VGR files are mirrored at tc3net.

Amiga core fonts for the Web : Make sure your amiga Browsers are set up to look their best.

Truetype Font Library : for Amiga computers. Download so you can use any TrueType Font over your entire system.

Ola's Download Page : Who knows what cool stuff is in here?

Amiga SETI at HOME : If you have an Amiga, you can use - SETI at HOME!

Digital Universe : v1.5 for Amiga OS4. It's a work in progress. Check it out!

The Secret in Hanger AE : So the next time you see a space shuttle launch, you can tell your friends which personal computer is rated for mission-critical use in the United States space program.

MorphOS Learn about MorphOS on PowerPC hardware!

MorphZone: Get the latest news, ask questions in the forums and chat on IRC!

AmigaShare: "To act as a spearhead for the Amiga community in bringing all the technology to its users and developers, whilst simultaneously growing the level of user interaction and development activity."

interview: with Chris Nillissen of

IntuitionBase: A Guide to AmigaOS4.x and the AmigaOne.  The aim of the site is to provide a central location where anyone can go to find out anything about either the AmigaOne or OS4

Jay Glenn Miner: The Father of the Amiga

Amibench - It's here! A nice place to buy and sell your Amiga stuff.

Amiga search engine Jay Miner Speech