The text below was originally hosted on by Christopher Sheffield (AKA that_punk_guy) which has been down while he travels the world. It's an great idea and that's why I'm putting it on my site. I firmly believe that one of the reasons things have improved is because good people like Chris have registered their concern.

"The infighting and bitching in this fragile community has gone on long enough. Scratch that, far too long. It's a sad state of affairs that when something goes well for one side, idiots from the other side do their best to put it down, when they should be congratulating them. I think that if we understand each other better as human beings, it will be easier to get on together. I believe that to build a better community where people will respect one another's choices, all we have to do is show our willingness.

If this sounds good to you, please show that you are supporting positivity in the Amiga community by linking to this page on your website, signature, or wherever else. Feel free to use the banner above but consider putting the image in your own webspace if you can, to conserve my bandwidth.

Please don't link here and then go and start the same old flame war. Think carefully about what you want from this community, and if you really want to stop the crap that's bringing our community down.

Thank you for reading."