12:41:21 PM Friday April 17 2015
More Facebook

April 14th Facebook let me log back into my account without asking for "proof" of who I am. I just logged in normally. Later that day I got this lame "apology". I Immediately made sure my account is only seen by friends and I will never post in the Facebook public space again. I'm only posting to friends and groups I belong to. Another great article about this issue. And I've found a petition that everyone should sign. This is about privacy and security. I'll never know why my account was blocked but I have a guess. I found this PM and suspect this creature reported my account which put it on the list of 'weird' names. This sort of nonsense can happen to anyone. It's a bad policy.

I think I finished transferring all the Eye of the Bennu effects shots to YouTube even though they still exist on Facebook. FB is just not a good place for sharing videos. Or ideas in public.

09:18:33 AM Thursday April 02 2015
FaceBook Disruption

Early this year Facebook blocked me from my account because they are in the process of implementing a "real name" policy. The details of this policy and how it is affecting others can be read in an article I wrote here. Right now it is affecting this site by preventing my using the videos I had previously uploaded to Facebook. They show the Eye of the Bennu Effects I created for this film. What I have been doing is uploading the videos to YouTube. This will take time as I have to recreate some of them. You can watch the entire film here:

8:27 PM Wednesday, September 29, 2010
Eye of the Bennu

For the past year I have been creating special effects for a private film called Eye of the Bennu. This project has been done by people who only know each other on line. We all live miles from each other. The director/writer and editor and myself live all over the country. And there's other people involved who I still don't know, like the guy writing the music. Anyway, it's been an interesting process doing this without meeting each other. Frankly I would not have been able to successfully do this without all my previous experience in the field. Here is a List of Scenes that I uploaded to FaceBook so the fellow creating the music would know what was going on in each scene to help him with his job. I can't say this is the future of film making but it is another viable choice for some of us.

Tue Oct 20 18:15:43 EDT 2009
My Facebook Page:

Cecilia Fx

Create Your Badge

Tue Jul 1 08:20:24 EDT 2008 to Tue Oct 20 17:55:04 EDT 2009
I just wrote a new article for the CD - How to Install IFX4.5 Studio on OS4. Once this gets out there should never again be any complaints, whining or broken OS4 systems. Just happy Amiga users. And isn't that what we all want? I go through the files that are important to copy and the files you should STAY away from. It's all laid out! I made some inroads into this project, then had some help from George Wyche and others. Thanks to all who helped. This is what Amiga is all about.

Fri Mar 28 08:03:41 EST 2008

I've being wondering what to do with my various pictures of flowers (and other things) and figured making greeting cards would be a good idea. So, click on the picture above and take a look. I'll be changing and adding pictures as time passes.

Sun Dec 16 12:03:26 EST 2007
I've begun putting some work on You Tube. Here is a video that a friend and I have made. I created this using AfterEffects. This is a short promo for the historical horror e-book Lords of Darkness. The True Tale of Sawney Bean. Scotland's most notorious serial killer...and cannibal! www.sawneybean.com:

Wed Jul 11 08:28:35 EDT 2007
For those that want to purchase my CD, click on that link and get the details. That's where I'll keep updating the list of what's on it, how much and how to get to the PayPal email address. And thank you any who wish to buy it.
Just to keep the info found in the comments here's the AmigaWorld AD and the Amiga org AD.

Sat Mar 25 09:02:29 EST 2006
I've decided to make some cell phone wallpapers using my many, many photos that I've taken. So you'll find flowers and pictures of Central Park that will look quite delightful on your phone. I tried those pages on Amiga Browsers and sadly they don't work too well. And, frankly I'm just too lazy to do it a different way. IBrowse "works" if you keep clicking on the NEXT and PREVIOUS buttons. You'll get annoying Error windows popping up, but heck.

Sat Mar 4 16:59:13 EST 2006
As I get closer to getting this CD project done I've added two more Png Icon sets. The Fish and the Tech gadget icons are found on the CD. That brings up the list of stuff on this CD to:
  • 6 new files available for MOS/Amiga users
  • 6 completely new IFX articles
  • 22 IFX articles in PDF format
  • two new Children of Dune article with 4 animations
  • 8 new articles in the Dune section
  • 29 Dune animations
  • older articles have been cleaned up or updated
  • The AIFX web site

Mon Oct 31 22:30:42 EST 2005
As I've got a few mp3's links on this site - and more importantly on my CD - so it's only polite to make sure they are audible via Amiga Browsers. I've tested this MIME setting on IBrowse and AWeb and they work fine. Especially with AmiNetRadio which works on my peg, my emulation and should work on OS4. Not all players will pop up their GUI. This is a problem if you need to pause and stop. I can't get this MIME setting to work with Voyager. If you know something I don't feel free to email. I'm here to learn.

I've also completed my second Children of Dune article. It's more inside info on making mattes and compositing CGI with live action. There's two Quicktimes of my mattes included with the article.

Mon Oct 24 22:50:04 EDT 2005
If you haven't already done so, setting up your Amiga to use the Truetype Font Library will make surfing the web with Amiga Browsers alot nicer. Once your library is installed read this site about how to use Amiga core fonts for the Web. I use the font "Comic Sans Ms" in most of this site and it's a good idea to get it on your system. It looks fun!
It's a fairly easy thing to set up the Fonts in any Amiga browser you prefer. For testing I've done for all three. So, if I can do it, so can you! For more complete info check out DoctorMorbius's tutorial on true type fonts for MOS.
By the way, as I've continued to test this on as many browsers I can get, IBrowse does the best job with the images. AWeb (the latest open source as well as the one I bought many years ago) seems to handle PNGs a bit oddly. Sometimes it doesn't even correctly handle the alpha channel. Voyager does a slightly better job. And I'm testing this on different systems. Mostly emulation and my Peg, but even on an AmigaOne, I get the same results. This is definitely a browser issue.

Mon Oct 17 12:20:00 EDT 2005
I made a PDF explaining the basic functions of the Wireless Hook. That totals the following to the CD:
  • 6 completely new IFX articles
  • 22 IFX articles in PDF format
  • one new Children of Dune article with animation

Tue Oct 11 08:45:28 EDT 2005
I'm putting my PNG icons sets on Aminet. This is my Flower Set, and this is my Guitar Set. On the CD Project I just want to finish up one more article on Children of Dune and then it will be done. I'll be getting a printer and I'll be producing Greeting Cards. They will have my Flower Images. As they will be blank inside, they can be used for multiple purposes.

Mon Aug 22 08:55:48 EDT 2005
Ok, I figured out what the problems was with the Warhol script, altered the script and even made a version to work with ImageFX3. I can't say WHY there is a problem with the ARexx commands on my peg, but slightly changing the command syntax did the trick. What a relief!
I also finished the first Chidren of Dune article. It's about Worm Speed. Learn how to move fast without a vehicle!

Wed Aug 3 09:48:40 EDT 2005
I finished up my scripts for taking all the Alpha buffers in a layered image and flattening them separately - making a single alpha channel. This solves the problem of how to move several layers together as a unit. I've also discovered that my Warhol script seems to not work well on my Pre-April Peg. I'm not sure why, but I'm working on it.

Tue Jun 28 10:50:10 EDT 2005
This is a list of the new stuff available on the CD:
  • 8 new articles in the Dune section
  • 29 animations
  • 5 completely new IFX articles
  • older articles have been cleaned up or updated where needed
  • 4 new files available for MOS users
  • 20 PDF's of the IFX articles
  • The AIFX web site

Tue Jun 14 22:35:09 EDT 2005
Made some PNG Guitar Icons. I like the idea of making images for icons that are not part of the "standard" icon theme. These sorts of icons can be used for special projects. Or just for the hell of it. I earlier made a bunch of butterflys and some floral pics will be on their way soon.

Sun Jun 5 16:56:16 EDT 2005
I've added Backgrounds for the MOS calendar program April. And there's a new article on my CD explaining how to remove Red Eye from all your photos. Prices for my CD will be announced soon.

Mon Apr 25 21:35:56 EDT 2005
This past weekend I tried my CD project on an iBook with OS X using Safari and it all works just fine - looks good, etc. Basically, every browser works fine except IE. Gee, what a surprise! (NOT!)

Sat Apr 16 16:06:31 EDT 2005
Last night at a local Amiga meeting I tried out my CD on other systems including trying it on IE (yuk!) and I can say absolutely that these pages look their worse on that horrible browser. IE 6 can't deal with PNG images, especially those with transparency. Feh! I did try it on FireFox and the pages look fine. Naturally!

Fri Apr 8 09:46:58 EDT 2005
CD Project continues on. The Warhol article is basically done and I'm now trying to figure out what else I should write about. In the meantime I keep track of what is happening in Amiga Land. This week I went down to the New York address of the New Amiga Inc and took pictures. The details can be read in the AmigaWorld thread Searching for the real Amiga, Incorporated. I certainly got my walking done that day! I basically wanted to see if there was any new info to be found at this new address. We need more facts, and there's not much activity going on there, but as I was in the area, I figured I'd do my bit. Another interesting thread on that site seems to show that the Amiga Community is continuing the healing process. In continuance of the AROS wanted by BBRV thread... is a much needed airing of pent-up feelings that needed to be expressed before we go on to the next step. In keeping with my generally satirical tone, here is my version of a petulant, egotistcal brat

Fri Apr 1 08:50:37 EST 2005
I'm adding a green screen article to my CD project and I'm planning to do an article on how to make images look like they were done by Andy Warhol. I've seen this asked on other mailing lists and figured this might be a fun thing to be able to do. What the heck. Anyway, this gives me a chance to explain one way to use Ron Jensen's CCBalance hook.
There's eight new short articles in the DUNE section. And, yes, I'll try to get at least one Children of Dune article in there.

Wed Mar 16 13:46:16 EST 2005
So far so good on the CD project. I've done a new article for IFX about putting frames around a picture. It has few scripts included as well as masks for framing.
I've seen MOS 1.5 at an Amiga meeting and it looks quite nice. Due to technical difficulties (not mine!), there are no screen shots - yet. But eventually there will be. I'm just glad to see things were developing fine this last year despite what SOME people were implying. But then, one should never trust what SOME people say, should we????
Bagdad Bill comments.

Mon Mar 7 09:18:50 EST 2005
Well, for the last month or so I've taken the plunge and tried to organize my web site for sale as a CD. It will have all the articles that exist online, plus extras. It will include the AIFX site so I can more easily discuss work done for the Dune series, From the Earth to the Moon, and other projects. I have always wanted to include some animations of my DUNE work and I will be able to do that now. Most are quicktime and I'm testing the Amiga players that work. So far Frogger works on my WinUAE. If you set up your IBrowse or AWeb you can play the movie files from the pages just by clicking on the text. On MOS, MPlayer works just fine to play both Quicktime and avi files. As soon as I get to some Amiga meeting I'll test out players on OS4.
I'll try to add more ImageFX articles and will have each article also available as a PDF files as some people find those easier to read while following the tutorials.

Wed Mar 2 16:11:24 EST 2005
Over at AmigaWorld there's a thread: Who's going to AmigaEast? which is a good place for all people wanting to talk about the upcoming AmigaEast show to get together and chat.

Mon Dec 20 17:29:23 EST 2004
Ok, this is ridiculous, but over at Amiga Org we had a little informal "award". In the spirit of the season, I accept (LOL). I'm grateful that this year December turned out a bit better than last year.
Also, as MorphZone is being reconstructed at the moment, I want to make my PNG to Icons PDF available to anyone that needs it. Get it here.

Sun Oct 10 22:35:26 EDT 2004
There's going to be a Party next spring. It's to celebrate our favorite computer - and enjoy what it really is that we all love about Amiga. Let's all remember what the excitement was and IS about. Amiga has Never been about companies or business. It's been about possibilities, creativity, using all our resources in the most efficient way - and sometimes creating something totally unexpected. Three guess as to who made the Banner:

Thu Sep 30 21:24:29 EDT 2004
I finally finished making enough templates for the program "ShowGirls", so I uploaded the whole mess to MorphZone. Check out my "How am I doin' ?" Page for the links. I really like this program - I hope it continues to grow.

Sun Sep 19 21:20:20 EDT 2004
Very soon now the new MicroA1 will become available. Order them here. I've been very lucky to see various AmigaONE's in action during local Amiga meetings. The constant software improvements - which seem to arrive to beta-testers every day - make the OS faster and more stable than the Pre-release. I'm looking forward to seeing a Micro - who knows, I may eventually get one!

Fri Jun 11 12:21:12 EDT 2004
Because of the serious nature of the political situation in America, I have been compiling various web sites for the last several months. It's not pretty, but I just wanted to get them up here now. I'll improve the look later.

Fri Apr 16 15:24:02 EDT 2004
A couple of weeks ago I did an interview at AmigaWorld. It was easy and fun and I hope to do more of this sort of thing. My friends reassured me that I didn't sound like a complete idiot. You, of course, can disagree!

Wed Mar 31 22:56:20 EST 2004
Find out who the CEO of Amiga really is! I made this after I found out there seems to have been a big deal about a certain "infamous" business card. It really seems that people have been making a mountain out of a molehill. The only rational response is satire.

Mon Mar 8 16:11:09 EST 2004
I just uploaded the latest HowTo: Using the KeyFrame Manager 101. Have Fun!!!

Sat Mar 6 18:34:51 EST 2004
The Visual Effects Society Visual Effects Awards
2003 Nominees
Outstanding Visual Effects in a Television Miniseries, Movie or a Special. Children of Dune gets another nomination!!

Wed Mar 3 18:17:28 EST 2004
I've set up a page in which those of you who care to can make donations to the "starving artist fund" (me) using the PayPal button.

Tue Mar 2 22:01:34 EST 2004
"The Visual Effects Society, the industry's largest organization of effects professionals, gathers to honor Its own." Hollywood Reporter Article

Excerpts from the article:
"Then there's the top TV slot: outstanding visual effects in a television miniseries, movie or special, which includes epics such as Sci Fi Channel's "Battlestar Galactica," Discovery Channel's "Dinosaur Planet," Sci Fi Channel's "Frank Herbert's Children of Dune" and USA Network's "Helen of Troy." "

"If the VES Awards are the means to facilitate the group's goal of shining a spotlight on its membership, then so be it. "The idea is to get us aligned back inside the community as artists, instead of a bunch of push-button geeks," Okun says. "Anybody can buy a machine, but an artist can make art out of anything. These people need their ounce of respect for what they do, so we need to transform the perception of what visual effects are." "

Wed Feb 18 19:45:19 EST 2004
I have written a little HowTo for using the Gif Saver Module in ImageFX4.5
This is useful for Amiga, WinUAE as well as MOS users! This is one PDF file which all variations of Amiga users can and should be able to read.

Tue Dec 30 18:58:23 EST 2003
The new Amiga/MorphOS Page can be found there and will list my contributions to the community. Not to mention various thoughts as they pop into my head.

Mon Dec 29 11:07:40 EST 2003
Will be making a "Earth to the Moon" page which will show a few stills from that series. I worked on that before I had this web site which is one of the main reasons I didn't do this before. But I want to honor Frank and Tony in some way and this seems best for now. The page is Here 

Sat Nov 15 15:12:32 EST 2003
At this years' AmiWest I finally put my hands on a Pegasos. It felt like an Amiga on Steroids. Eventually, I found myself investigating what Genesi are doing with PPC hardware. As I create tutorials, images, etc. I will post them here.

Sun Aug 3 22:07:43 EDT 2003
Children of Dune gets several Emmy nominations.
Just below I've listed the Special Effects nomination. Well, I guess I shouldn't be surprised. And I'm NOT talking about my work, either. I really was impressed with everyone else's efforts on this project. And despite being stressful and alot of hard work, I'm glad I was a small part of it.

Outstanding Special Visual Effects For A Miniseries, Movie Or A Special

Frank Herbert's Children Of Dune  Night 1  Sci Fi  New Amsterdam Entertainment, Inc.
in association with Blixa Film Produktion and Co. KG and Touchstone Television Productions, LLC
Ernest Farino, Visual Effects Supervisor
Tim McHugh, Visual Effects Producer
V Komrzy, Visual Effects Coordinator
Andrew Harlow, Lead Model Maker
Chris Zapara, Lead Visual Effects Animator
Don L. McCoy, Lead Visual Effects Animator
Barry Howell, Lead Visual Effects Animator
Michael F. Hoover, Lead Visual Effects Animator
Glenn Campbell, Lead Visual Effects Compositor

Mon Jun 23 19:33:14 EDT 2003
Here they come! I'm working on a few new projects. I just got a digital camera and I'm wandering all over New York taking pictures. Look at the page (click on the flying UFO) for some I've taken so far!

Sun Jun 8 08:16:46 EDT 2003
I downloaded Voyager (V3 Ver3.3.126) and installed it on my WinUAE. I haven't seen this new version in a few years and I was completely surprised to discover that it could automatically read my system installed TrueType fonts.
As an example: this site I helped create. The Owner likes weird fonts that have to be on the viewers' system (PC) to show up on the page. I have no idea what MAC users do in such a case. But this is the 1st time - to my knowledge - that an Amiga users can experience fonts displayed on a browser without having to add them in the browser settings. Very cool! Plus, V3 seems to have no trouble with some of my Java scripts! (So far). The Voyager site also has the latest APdf reader and a plugin for this browser. As I have several PDF files I tested this out and this reader works as good as the one that comes with linux! No thumbnails or little extras, but it works. Reading Pdf's in Voyager is still a bit funky, however. Sometimes it won't let me get to another page once I've moved to page 2.
One thing I haven't gotten to work is the redirect function on the index page. Maybe I have the wrong name for "voyager"?

Tue Jun 3 22:59:52 EDT 2003
I downloaded IBrowse 2.3 and have been testing pages in that. AT the bottom of many pages (including this one) I have a link to my copyright page. It has some java script ("getFullYear") which looks for the present year. This is read fine in IBrowse. In AWeb-II 3.4APL as well as the UFO version, however this script is not interpreted correctly.

Wed May 28 20:53:19 EDT 2003
In my obsessive manner, I have been improving - I hope - all my sites with better code. That includes a bit of CSS. (The background is now "fixed"! yeah!) I've discovered - to no one's surprise, I'm sure - that "Exploder" (IE) often uses short-hand or sloppy code which doesn't always work on other browsers. So I'm trying to find code that works on most. Here is a site which encourages people to make sites that can be viewable on all browsers. I have tested my pages on Opera (windows and Linux versions) and various linux browsers. They all seem to be some flavor of mozilla, anyway. My web pages work fine with all of those. I am getting WinUAE to work on my system. So far so good! Today I put my purchased copy of AWeb-II 3.4UFO - and looked at several pages. It complains about some of the java scripts, but you can turn off java-bitching. (I mean, java error reporting). And on this page AWeb pops up two windows when you click on the thumbnails. That seems to be mostly because AWeb always popped open a window when you clicked on a link which went to a picture file. I've added a java script which opens a window of a certain size since i think this is nicer than forcing the viewer to go to a new page and then going Back to read the text. This way you can keep reading and keep the picture window up until you want it gone. AWeb doesn't blow up from this code so it's not a big problem in my opinion. just a little weird. And I assume that since AWeb and other Amiga browsers are still being developed, this little issue will be cleared up.

Thank the gods that postproduction on Frank Herbert's Children of Dune is over.   It was stressful for a whole lot of reasons! I thought the effects done by Area51 were Very cool! For those that know the stories of DUNE I did the effects that let Leto (Paul's son) do his "speeded up" movements around people through the sand and elsewhere. And if you don't know what I mean, read the books and go to the Sci Fi Channel and check out the web site for details on the show.

I went to AmiWest. Had a great time! (So what if Sacramento has three digit temperatures? I stayed in the hotel the whole time!) And I spoke about ImageFX (what else!) and showed some scripts I've made that are available on this web site. Click on the banner to go to the site and get info about this convention, etc. I hope to see you all there next year!

My newest article is here  . In it I explain how to use the refurbished TextFX script that has been used by everyone under the sun. (I imagine, anyway.) Plus, I assume you are using ImageFX 4.5 - and if not - WHY not????