Pictures of New York

I just got a Fuji FinePix A200 digital camera. I got that one because my brother has it and I saw the pictures it can take and for an inexpensive camera, it's impressive! It can do extreme close ups and does long shots fairly well. It has limitations - don't look for any lens attachments or anything fancy. But within those limitations it's damn good! And, unlike most "amateur" photographers I can do something with the pictures once the camera is done with them!

The first set of pictures were taken on a cloudy day - something which seems a bit common these day! Not that I mind. I love this kind of weather. What you see is basically what the camera took. I added NO processing at all. And the original size of these Pictures is 1600 x 1200.

A Beautiful Cloudy Day

original unaltered photos

Light through the Bridge
cloudy day
clouds over Bridge
NY spookie view

These are close-ups of the roses in my mother's garden. You can see in the picture of the red roses that all the roses not a few inches from the camera are not in focus. But I love the way everything fuzz's out. Very artistic, really! All I did with the yellow rose was crop it.

Roses in my Mother's Garden
New style of roses
Joseph's coat
all the colors!!

Now we get to the pictures I decided to monkey with! With the first I just added some color curves, then a blend mode with the original. That brightened up the building and did a weird thing to the sky. I used THE GIMP for that. With the second image I used AfterEffects to add a few more lights in the lamps so the one lamp that was lit in real life would not stick out like a sore thumb! It's a subtle addition, but that's the point of "effects", as far as I'm concerned. The third picture has been altered in THE GIMP. Again I just duplicated the layer about three times and added different alterations in Levels/Color Curves and so on to the top two layers. Then Added and Screened them together. Simple! The fourth picture was done by me placing my sunglasses over the lens so it would damp down the brightness of the sun (and hopefully prevent damage to the chip in the camera!) Once in GIMP I just added a simple curve to boost the colors slightly.

New York: Image Processed
63rd St seen under different eyes
Put in lights
rocks in the water
sun and clouds

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