Little Fun Projects

As I've been writing articles for Gadget Nutz I have gotten more involved with devices like cell phones. So I got an inspiration the other day and decided to make Cell Wallpapers. After all, I have all these very cool pictures I've been taking for years and some of them could make very nice images on a phone. So, as each phone has a different resolution for its screen I have (at least right now) decided to make my pics in two res. One is 176x220 and the other is 240x320. There are instuctions on those pages on how to pick a picture and then a link to a (free) site which lets you upload the pics to your phone. I've done it myself and it's all quite painless.

While I'm still new to linux, I thought I'd try a simple thing to do just for fun. As we've all seen during "the war", the Military put together a deck of cards of their "most wanted". And these are easily available for viewing on the internet. (Like alot of things!) So I downloaded a page which showed each card. Using mostly AfterEffects - because it's easier and faster - I converted all the cards to be easier to view at a lower res and saved them in the right format (png). Linux comes with a Solitaire game - big surprise! And I figured I could make my own set of cards for this game. Especially after I looked at the decks already available and noticed there didn't seem to be anything unusual. I just made a note of how they were numbered and what size they were, etc.

Iraq this game!
Click for larger view of playing game.

I'm SO new to linux that I don't know how to make any of those gz type compressed files. So, if anyone wants to tell me the secret words, I'll be able to upload this set somewhere for others to have. I also don't have any translations. Hey, I'm an artist, not a UN translator!
Below is my Joker card. It was WAY TOO obvious a choice.

These are the first digital pictures I've taken with my new camera. Aside from archiving some family stuff, I want to just be a "tourist" and take whatever I feel like. Check it out


As a continuation of this "I've got to take a photo of everything I see", I've gone to the WTC and taken my pics


Tom's Film Reviews Tom Doran is a talented writer who has lately been emailing me some reviews of films. I find some of them to be Spot on - especially the one for Lord of the Rings. And while I think the review for Gangs of New York is slightly harsh, it's an interesting view. I love that film and I think it's made to be viewed in it's greater length (hopefully on the DVD) rather than the cut version made for theatrical release.
What I especially agree with is how badly most films use effects. As I've said MANY, Many times, most folks in Hollywood are making expensive show reels, not films. And they expect us to PAY for this crap. Good special effects help Tell the story - they aren't THE story! Anyway, click on the countdown.