World Trade Center: Sunday June 29, 2003

When I saw the WTC about a year ago it was a big, ugly hole in the ground. Words just can't describe. I didn't have a camera then and it still wouldn't help. Well, yesterday (as I write this) I went, camera in hand.

It's now a construction site. With a somber but a different feeling. At the eastern end, where the memorial plaques are, it's especially quiet as people move past the names of the dead etched on the fence. But, there's work going on. It feels alive - even on a beautiful, lazy Sunday afternoon. We know things are happening. New York is still here and doing well!

A Sign of the TIMES

The Site

Read this, Osama!
east side
east side
the cross
east south corner
south side
south west corner
west side

As I turned around I was struck by a view of the Statue of Liberty. It's amazing that I was born in New York, have actually been IN the Statue (it's now closed for interior perusal), but can still be surprised at where anything in this town actually IS!

Battery Park: The Park by the River
The Lady with real Style!
Art cannot be easily destroyed!

New York is an old city - at least in North America! So there are all kinds of cool corners and "hidden" spots. The Fish Market is an old place that in the 80's was cleaned up and made new. But they kept the cool stuff. Like the wonderful brick buildings and cobblestone roads. You can look at the ships, listen to some salsa music (live), eat whatever you like. And wander around. As I moved up to photograph the Brooklyn Bridge, I noticed a wooden building. A rare sight. It turned out to be a real treasure. The oldest run Establishment in NY. While it no longer houses a brothel, it does still serve beer and food. And, as I sat at the bar drinking, looks to be made of mahogany! If that wood could talk.

New York: Fulton Fish Market
Fulton's ships and the East River
The Old bricks of Fulton's mixed with the new
oldest bar in NY