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Nudity and America

Ok. This is ridiculous. But, what the heck! I did "work" on this shot.

There is a scene in which the Fremen are removing their stilsuits and being the communal type of folk they are, they aren't intimidated - or revolted - by the naked body. Unlike American Network executives. Eh, hem!

So, I was asked to "cover" up one shot in which one sees this guys' backside. This was only for American TV broadcast. The rest of the world doesn't faint at the sight of some guys butt! And in the DVD release, all nudity was included. Yippy!

The Crack

The butt unexpunged! Ah, what a lovely sight. There's nothing more luscious than a masculine behind!
In my opinion!

What I did was just make a "rock" which was cleverly placed just covering his butt cleavage and would continue to cover that area during the entire scene. The camera is panning over - so this "rock" also had to make a similar movement. Legally (I believe), as long as the crack is covered, no American children will die or grow hair on their fingernails.
Or something like that. American law is a bit weird on this topic.

I want my MT Butt!

This took no time at all and fortunately isn't even in the DVD release. This is one shot I'm not interested in anyone really "seeing!" Let's get another look at the real thing:

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