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The Baron goes for a Ride

Well, once again the Baron has to float during a scene. Have we started to notice that alot of these shots revolve around that damn Baron?? hmmm? I'm starting to really get tired of this guy! (joke alert!!)

Alright - enough Bitching about the Baron! So here's this big Mother of a Red room and the Baron is talking to what's his face. (Who remembers after all this time? I'm lucky I still know MY name!) And they are crossing from frame left to right across the set. Well, this baron has to float and there's no room for the crane. So they rigged a trolly-sort of thing that he stands on while some poor grip-shlub is pulling the trolly off camera via a rope. Oi!

Can you imagine standing on this get-up while saying your lines? And NOT falling off? Actors have it tough, huh? In fact, I don't know how Ian McNeice did ANY of his acting without taking a dive since I don't think he ever set foot on the ground!

The Rigging

Click on the picture to the left and see the larger version. What I had to remove was the wheels and platform of this trolly McNeice was standing on. I also had to remove the rope which you can see extends all the way from the trolly to the right side of the set. It may be hard to see, but believe me, it's there! And it's Got to Go!

Another frame farther down in the scene. What I also had to pay attention to was the shadows that are naturally happening under the Baron and the other guy. I have keep and in some cases create shadows and make it all look like there was never anything under McNeice at all.


The Matte Solution

I basically used a picture of an empty set to composite against. I made various mattes around the problem areas like the wheels and rope. If I had to insert a shadow I made a matte that matched the right shape and darkened it until it matched the surrounding shadows.

The tricky bit is that these shadows change over the course of the scene and I have to pay close attention to that. And make the removal of wheels and platforms and rope seem invisible. That is: not leave a trace of something missing. Plus, the shadows have to seamlessly follow the moving bodies and not "jerk" in some artificial way. So, now he's "floating"!

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