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ARexx Layer Commands

by cecilia

This is a list of Layer commands used in ImageFX 4.1. It's not meant to replace the IFX docs, which list all of these commands and have more info as well. This is just to know which commands are recorded (shift "1") and which are not.
The first commands listed here are misspelled in the RECORDER. That means you can record it (shift "1") but you have to go in a text editor and fix the spelling in your script. The recorder misspells it to say "LayerActive".
  • ActiveLayer Layernum (N) (0 to whatever number that layer happens to be. "0" is the background layer.)
  • ActiveLayer First
  • ActiveLayer Last

NEW...These commands have been added in IFX version 4.5 ...NEW
It's not really a "misspelling". The program just uses different names for the same effect. I don't know why this is so, but if you macro a script at least you won't be 'shocked' by the different name.

  • LayerMode Sum This is the command the recoder makes when you select "AbsoluteAdd" as one of the Blend Modes.
  • LayerMode Difference This command means "Absolute Subtract" in the menu for the Blend Modes.

The following commands can be RECORDED and are spelt correctly. Whew.
  • CreateLayer FromSwap
  • CreateLayer FromBrush
  • CopyLayer...(copies a layer to a new buffer)
  • FlattenLayers
  • KillLayer

The following commands are not RECORDED by the Recorder and must be included in your scripts by hand.

  • DrawTool LayerMove ...(sets it up to manually move a layer. Useful as a last command in a script so the user can move that layer to the location they want).
  • GetLayers selected...(to know how many layers there are or how many have been selected)
  • LayerBlend (0 to 255)
  • LayerMode "choose from list of modes" or "Mask"
  • LayerName "change name"
  • LayerOffSet "x" "y" location
  • LoadLayer "give name and location of files on HD"
  • NextLayer ...(moves up the list)
  • PrevLayer ...(moves down the list)
  • FlattenLayers to swap

Commands used for anims/frames: it makes no real sense to have these recordable and they are not, but I list them in case some of you didn't realize they existed and need them in your scripts.
  • LayerSelected on
  • LayerSelected off
  • LoadSequence "name of file" FirstFrame(N) LastFrame(N) Scale(%) args for loader
  • PlayAnim Stop
  • PlayAnim Forward
  • PlayAnim Backward
  • SaveSequenceAs Format "name of sequence " args for saver

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