My Emmys

Here's my official Certificates. The First is for Dune and the Second is Children of Dune:

children of gune

Yeah, I took out the last name. Who knows who could be reading this? Osama, or worse yet, Falwell! I don't want any weirdos stalking my family!

Even more important than that is my MOST prized possession. The Limerick that Isaac Asimov wrote for me. I was at a New York science fiction convention and asked him to write one. Isaac never said no to girls (or so I've been told), so he graciously wrote this down:

It took him about 30 seconds. It reads:

Said I to dear pretty Cecilia
How I'd love to embrace and to filia
You're looking so sweet
You rouse me to heat
So come to my room and I'll pilia