Who is the new CEO of Amiga?????

Why....it's ME!!!! That's right! Me ME MEEE!
Everybody who has ever done anything good for other Amiga users is the CEO. Everyone should have their own business cards. Just like this one. Never be fooled again. Be your own boss.

I believe that we should return to what made us love using Amigas in the first place. I know I didn't get an Amiga because of the company that was selling it at the time. The Amiga sold itself! And after all the change of faces and different companies over the years, the one thing that stays the same is how I feel when I use my Amiga - whatever it's particular configuration. So, let's ignore all the "heads" of companies - past and present - and concentrate on us. The loyal Amiga user, the Amiga developer, and Amiga artists: those of us who have contributed to what is really the Amiga Experience.
Thus my concept of Amiga Hero's. We should all step up and be each other's hero. Don't let some idiot try and separate us because it helps his financial agenda. Don't become the pawn of the manipulators. No, we are the ones that count. The ones that have spent years creating programs and art for Free! We are the children of visionaries like Jay Minor. To honor his memory, we must stand strong.

Remember the past: Amiga History Guide - interviews, so we can make a new future.

See this Interview with Susumu Hirasawa to help get that old Amiga feeling back. As I find them, I'll keep including more "Amiga Heroes" on this page.

Lou Vidal is very much an Amiga Hero. He quietly made himself - and his home - available so those of us who were lucky enough to know him could enjoy the pleasure of other Amiga friends.

Carl Sassenrath - The Amiga OS creator and inventor of Rebol

Here's a brand, spanking new interview with Elena, creator of ZoneXplorer and PowerIcons. This is in pdf format and is from Total Amiga - summer 2006 issue. It goes into incredible detail concerning her explorations into fractals. Truly one of the best interviews I've ever read.