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When A Blowhard Like Falwell Opens His Ugly Mouth...

The abortionists have got to bear some burden for this, because God will not be mocked. And when we destroy 40 million little innocent babies, we make God mad. I really believe that the pagans, and the abortionists, and the feminists, and the gays and the lesbians who are actively trying to make that an alternative lifestyle, the ACLU, People for the American Way - all of them who have tried to secularize America - I point the finger in their face and say, "You helped this happen." Irrelevant Jerkoff Falwell

September 20, 2001

I'm really pissed off about what that jerk Falwell said last week. I'm going to use very bad words so if you have delicate sensibilities, you have been warned.

I'm sure every human being is appalled and repulsed by the idea that Falwell's "god" would think the world (last count: 80 countries represented in the WorldTrade Tower disaster) deserved this death and destruction because there happens to be gay persons living peaceful, creative and happy lives in America. Or that certain couples, who can't afford another child and are looking after the welfare of their existing, current children, decide that abortion is a necessary action after their present contraception fails. Or that people who believe in the Constitution of the United States practice law by helping those who need someone to stand up for their rights. Yeah, right. Falwell is the lowest scum there is.

Here's some web sites I just found that go into more detail about why Falwell is a moron. They say it allot nicer than me.

Institute For First Amendment Studies

Religious Freedom Coalition

Salon - Newsreal

why Falwell is wrong

I watched Rivera's interview (on Sept 19, I think) and while he asked Falwell all the right questions he was just not angry enough. I don't have to be so nice. The answer to the question "is that how you (Falwell) really feel" is a resounding "YES"! He said exactly what he meant in all it's small-minded hatred. That fat piece of fucking shit! He sat there with that ugly rictus, plastic fake smile lying at every turn. Rivera had better re-evaluate his "friends". Falwell said EXACTLY what was in his black, evil "heart". And even when he made his lame "apology" he was shitting in his pants at the thought that it would cost him money. He spent much of the time in the Rivera interview making commercials about his fucking ministry.

Aside from the insulting statement he made the week of the attack - the bodies still lying in the rubble, the family and friends still uncertain, still grieving - the next insulting position he takes is that he's a "minister", a "Christian". Wrong, scumbag! My mother is a real Christian and she would NEVER even imagine thinking or saying such horrible things! But then, my mother is truly generous, truly understanding, really forgiving and kind. She doesn't understand gays but has never been rude to anyone she even only suspects might be gay. Falwell does NOT deserve to be thought of in the same category as my mother. He has proven to be the very antithesis of a Christian.

I realize that Falwell and his ilk are an easy target for ridicule, but the Terrorist who stole planes and hurled them into buildings are not much different than the rabid, drooling insane mindset of the so-called religious right in this country. Let's not forget that these wackos killed doctors and harmed others who worked in clinics that provided abortion services. That's Terrorism, make no mistake about it! And they do the same thing as Bin Laden. He outlines who to hate and every nutcase out there feels it's his duty to destroy the identified "evil-doers" because it's been sanctioned by "god".

These are the same scum who said that gay people deserve AIDs. What these assholes don't appreciate is that allot of gay persons don't sit home twiddling their thumbs dreaming up vicious things to say and do to anyone they disagree with. They are creative and run businesses, hire people (like me) and contribute substitutionally to the economic health of this country. When I was in New York I often was hired by small companies who were started and sustained by gay people. It was such a welcome occurrence to go to a job interview and have the perspective boss only look at my portfolio - instead of trying to get into my pants. I've endured my share of sexist behavior during my career but I was always treated like a professional by gay people. And when New York was struck by the AIDs crisis which happened at the same time as a general depression allot of places I had worked at before were suddenly out of business. So, according to Falwell and his evil minions I deserve to have my career ruined because - what? - I have the audacity to work with or for gay people???? Fuck him. If my crime is being an artist then their's is being retarded.

I was in grammar school when I started reading about Hitler. It was a subject that fascinated me because my family was in Europe during the wars. What people seem unable to understand is that Nazi's were not just organizing a political party. It was a religion. Hitler didn't call it a religion, but he ACTED like it was. He had holidays, rituals, and relics - objects that had "magical" powers - similar to the pieces of the so-called cross and pieces of bones from "saints" that are supposed to be carried like lucky rabbits feet! The point is that mixing politics and religion is a volatile, explosive combination and HAS to be avoided at all costs! It makes people really stupid. And really stupid people are dangerous. History is full of examples of how stupid people can get. Everyone knows about the Inquisition. The Church had political power and used it. Unfortunately. One of the most brilliant ideas in the Constitution is that religion is kept separate from politics! It's too bad Falwell can't understand the concepts as written by Thomas Jefferson.

Those that know history realize that poverty is a fertile ground for fanatics. That's how Hitler succeeded and how all the little Hitler's in the Middle East have stolen their power. They enslave their own people and blame their favorite scapegoat. Right now that happens to be Western culture. Once we get rid of these Hitler's-in-the-making it's to our benefit to get these poor people prosperous (the old, 'teach them to fish' story). And, mind you, I said all this years ago. Ah, well.

I have a former room mate that was in the Towers during the first bombing. She is an artist and was working there to just make ends meet. To just live her life as best she could. She was somewhere around the 30th floor and at the time there were no lights in the stairwells so when they were evacuating it was dark and smoky and horrible. Once she got out of the building she went inside a nearby restaurant with her office mates to collect themselves. She had to run out into the street almost immediately because of the overwhelming feeling of claustrophobia. She soon left NY state and was on Prosaic for at least a year (that I know of). When I was watching the Towers that Tuesday morning (live, btw) I though of her and how she must be feeling at that moment! She wasn't in NY but must be reliving the horror of her experiences. When Falwell made his insulting statements he not only slapped the faces of every innocent person who worked in the Towers and the Pentagon, but insulted the heroes in the planes who sacrificed themselves to save other lives and prevent more death, he insulted every Firefighter, Police Officer and EMS person who arrived at the scene to help others (something Falwell will NEVER do) and he insulted millions of New Yorkers (and we don't take kindly to insults), he insulted countless others like my room mate who has suffered and will continue to suffer from this horror.

Falwell doesn't deserve forgiveness. Ever. And will never get it from me. The universe will have expanded to the point where the space between subatomic particles is a billion times the size of the current universe and I'll still not have forgiven him.

There are politicians and newscasters who speculate that Americans may be too terrified and inhibited by the events of September 11, 2001 to live normally. Well, I for one, hold no fear. No one will ever keep me from being myself and doing what I have to do and living my life. Not some scum sucking religious nutcase. Never. When some moron tries to stop me I get mad and fight back. I don't lob planes into buildings because my mother didn't bring me up to be a barbarian, but in my own way, I fight back. My goal is to be creative every day of my life - NOT kill people. And every time I hear that the FBI or the European Authorities have arrested people I think, well that's 10 or hundred's or thousands of innocent lives not lost.

Those dickheads in the religious right are not interested in helping people live good, useful lives. They only want to control people. If they really wanted to stop abortions they would support research into contraceptives that would be 100% effective and safe. They never have and never will. Because zealots are not interested in solving the problem, they just want to tell people when they are allowed to have sex. They have dirty, filthy little minds and they try to wipe their shit on everyone else's shirt.

The Catholic Church never got us to the moon. Neither did Buddha or Mohammad. It was RATIONAL people using their intellect that figured out how to leave the gravity well of the Earth and for the first time in human history circle around another planetary body. It took the human race millions of years to evolve to the point of going to and walking on the moon. I think I can honestly say that an Astronaut is more evolved than that fat fuckface Falwell. And I really don't care if people find that offensive. As far as I'm concerned only the really stupid wallow in religion. My mother - who is religious - has a graduate degree and can speak six languages and is one of the most intelligent people I've ever known in my life. She likes to practice her religion because it gives her emotional comfort but has NEVER, and I do mean NEVER used it in place of rational thought. My mother has more common sense than any person I know. The problem occurs when idiots with not even two brain cells call themselves Ministers and - not having any talent or enough intelligence to get a real job - make a career of stealing money from the unwashed masses (donations). And, believing their own PR, think they are qualified to tell others how to live! I went to Catholic Grammar school, Catholic High school, and Catholic college (finally escaped in a secular graduate school) and right from the beginning I knew the nuns were trying to control me and were full of shit. They tried to convice us all that we should believe everything they said just because they said it. My contention was - and still is - that this "god" they think they know so much about, gave me a brain and that means I'm supposed to use it! I can think for myself. And every time you catch them on a logical point they can't answer they fall back to that old 'cause I said so' crap. As far as I'm concerned religion is fairy tales that people tell themselves to feel good. I really don't care if people need little stories to get through life. As long as they leave me the fuck alone. I need no such crap. I need reality and the truth and the rational.

When I want to enjoy a fantasy I can do so knowing that's exactly what it is. For example (and if you don't have a strong stomach, skip this paragraph), after Falwell made his anti-human statement and was sitting there on Riveras show nervously squirming in his lie, I started to imagine him in pain. Suffering with some slow cancer, let's say. It was very slowly eating away at his fat, fat, fat ugly flesh. I enjoyed the idea that thousands of little tumors - say the same number as those that died which, as I write, may be about 6000 - eating away inside his huge bloated body. His pain never ending, unrelenting. And lasting for centuries. His ugly face is so fat it looks like a balloon. His neck constricted by his collar, I imagine him becoming more bloated and his face getting fatter to the point where his collar strangles him. This little story makes me very happy. Very. Falwell and Bin Laden are in bed together because they share the same ideas and the same rabid delusions. I'm picturing Laden fucking Falwell up his fat, flabby ass. When guys like Falwell get that fat they increase the ratio of estrogen in their horribly ugly bodies and become more like women. (not real women, of course. Just not men). You can tell he is impotent anyway. When I was a child my mother said that a young person has the face that god gave them, and when that person gets old they have the face that they themselves have made. Just look at the bloated, self-indulgent, lazy, selfish, self-hating face of Falwell. He is exactly what the Terrorist think of as the worst about America. Rich, stupid, uncaring, insensitive. How ironic that he has so much in common with them!

You may well ask why even bother with a jerk like Falwell? He's really nobody. The problem is America is now under a fever of patriotism and may forget that some people who call themselves American's are just as dangerous as the foreigners who commit suicide to kill us and our society. I get very nervous when I hear Mrs. Bush on a commercial say "God bless America". I don't want the present government to shove their religious views down my throat. As an American I have freedom OF religion as well as freedom FROM religion. Let's remember that before Sept, 11 Bush was rejecting Stem Cell research (and this is a guy who's IQ is lower than mine. And I ain't no genius). Plus several members of his cabinet are against abortion, among other odd ideas. As long as they stick to policy that destroys terrorists, I don't care what they say, but if any of them think they have an automatic mandate to remove MY civil rights, well, they are in for a big surprise! We have to fight the terrorists in this country with as much energy, if not more, then in the rest of the world. And those of the religious right are my enemies. Just listen to Falwell's lame apology and you'll see why he's evil. He believes everything he said in that quote at the top of this article. Make no mistake about that.

For years now, America has been naive about the real nature of the threat from terrorists. The government didn't take it seriously enough and the public was living under the illusion that "we" were untouchable. I was raised by people who experienced firsthand life under occupation and war and remember their lessons. Americans are going to have to learn to be just a little more paranoid. Just because Americans lose a bit of their innocence doesn't mean terrorist "win". It just means we are growing up. Look at Europe. They survived, rebuilt and are stronger for it. And are more unified than ever. If this little terrorist problem helps the world to become more united it will be for the good! Some years ago I was in Europe with my mother. We were visiting a small town in France that had a cathedral. These impressive structures took about 100 years to build and the efforts of the whole town for generations. While inside the church I noticed a small booklet which had pictures of the cathedral after World War II. It was a pile of rubble. It just broke your heart to see it. The creative efforts of the ancestors of this town destroyed! But I was standing in a whole and complete cathedral! They had rebuilt it after the War. They had not let the Nazi's win. I'm sure that every person who lived through that and every child who heard the stories looked at the Towers of New York that Tuesday morning and understood exactly what was happening and what had to be done next. Not even two weeks after the Towers were destroyed New Yorkers are already betting on how long it will take to rebuild them! New York is ALL about building. Telling a New Yorker not to build is like telling him/her not to breath. It ain't gonna happen, buddy.

We are certainly capable of getting our shit together and getting a job done. We've done it over and over. We'll do it again. We can't underestimate this enemy. They have to be clever because they have limited resources. We have to "think" like them and find our weaknesses before they do. We have to anticipate what we would have to do when under attack. We have to learn to defend ourselves. When I was a child my grandfather told me what to do if I was attacked. He had been in the trenches and while he was a peaceful, nurturing, loving person, he was no one's fool. The rest of the country has to learn this lesson. There are American Muslims who are unfortunately being targeted now because some people can't see the forest for the trees. If I was living in an American Arab/Muslim neighborhood I would set up a relationship with my local police and FBI to not only find any unsavory persons hiding behind the law-abiding skirts of the majority of American Muslims but ensure the safety of my fellow citizens from kooks. We must all look out for each other. The terrorists and religious wackos want to divide us. That's how they win.

Greedy lawyers and political correctness have been ruining this country for years. People babbling PC rhetoric is simply another way to lie. It's saying things to appease people. The truth may be hurtful at first, but a lie hurts longer. I see Americans trying to tell other Americans what to feel and when to feel it. Resist that. Be yourself and don't be afraid to speak your mind. Read the Bill of Rights. THAT'S what is best about America. Don't ever let anyone tell you different. I'm sick and tired of this pathetic public encounter group that happens here. This country has become too feminized. Everybody is trying to talk nice because 'mommy' will scold you otherwise. Well, screw 'mommy'! I'm an adult. The Constitution gives me the right to be rude, if I want to be! No one died from rudeness. We die when people ACT hateful. Learn the difference.

Here's something I saw on one of my message boards.

Aboard Flight 564

Peter Hannaford

As it was at most U.S. airports, last Saturday was the first near-normal day at Denver International since the terrorist attacks. On United's Flight 564 the door had just been locked and the plane was about to pull out of the gate when the captain came on the public address system.

"I want to thank you brave folks for coming out today. We don't have any new instructions from the federal government, so from now on we're on our own."

The passengers listened in total silence.

He explained that airport security measures had pretty much solved the problem of firearms being carried aboard, but not weapons of the type the terrorists apparently used, plastic knives or those fashioned from wood or ceramics.

"Sometimes a potential hijacker will announce that he has a bomb. There are no bombs on this aircraft and if someone were to get up and make that claim, don't believe him.

"If someone were to stand up,brandish something such as a plastic knife and say 'This is a hijacking' or words to that effect here is what you should do: Every one of you should stand up and immediately throw things at that person - pillows, books, magazines, eyeglasses, shoes -anything that will throw him off balance and distract his attention. If he has a confederate or two, do the same with them. Most important: get a blanket over him, then wrestle him to floor and keep him there. We'll land the plane at the nearest airport and the authorities will take it from there."

"Remember, there will be one of him and maybe a few confederates, but there are 200 of you. You can overwhelm them.

"The Declaration of Independence says 'We, the people' and that's just what it is when we're up in the air: we, the people, vs. would-be terrorists. I don't think we are going to have any such problem today or tomorrow or for a while, but some time down the road, it is going to happen again and I want you to know what to do.

"Now, since we're a family for the new few hours, I'll ask you to turn to the person next to you, introduce yourself, tell them a little about yourself and ask them to do the same."

The end of this remarkable speech brought sustained clapping from the passengers. He had put the matter in perspective. If only the passengers on those ill-fated flights last Tuesday had been given the same talk, I thought, they might be alive today. One group on United Flight 93, which crashed in a Pennsylvania field, apparently rushed the hijackers in an attempt to wrest control from them. While they perished, they succeeded in preventing the terrorist from attacking his intended goal, possibly the White House or the Capitol

Procedures for dealing with hijackers were conceived in a time when the hijackers were usually seeking the release of jailed comrades or a large amount of money. Mass murder was not their goal. That short talk last Saturday by the pilot of Flight 564 should set a new standard of realism. Every passenger should learn the simple - but potentially life-saving - procedure he outlined. He showed his passengers that a hijacking does not have to result in hopelessness and terror, but victory over the perpetrators.

The Airline Pilots Association, the pilots' union, last week dropped its opposition to stronger cockpit doors and is now calling for retrofits. (It's opposition was based on pilot concerns about getting out easily in emergency situations.) The scandal of easily penetrated airport security will result in congressional calls for a federal takeover of the security system. Previous efforts to reform security procedures and raise standards have been talked to death. This time, however, no lobbying efforts must be allowed to prevent airport security from getting the reforms that are needed: federal operation, rigorous training, decent pay and no foreign nationals eligible for employment.

From: Michael S Mundy

HNTB Technology Group

Well, I have to say, I couldn't agree more. On Tuesday the 11th when I heard the plane had gone down in PA, I assumed that the passangers had fought back. My mother called me that day and we talked about what we would do if we were in a plane with a terrorist. We both agreed we would fight. I'm not going to tell you how old my mother is but she's got more balls than people half her age! And this is not just talk. I know my mother. She's done alot of gutsy stuff. She's STILL doing gutsy stuff.

I'm going to end my diatribe with a quote by the most rational and logical person of the 20th century, Isaac Asimov. My hero. The complete article - The Decade of Decision - from which this quote is taken was first published in 1979 and was about the 1980's. He was listing the important issues that humanity had to address including energy and overpopulation. Unlike dopes like Falwell, Isaac was able to see THE BIG PICTURE.

This article and many others can now be found in a book called THE ROVING MIND (Prometheus Books), 1997. Isaac passed away in 1992 and it's too bad we don't have more brilliant minds like his around. But his beautifully formed words and ideas hold true today. Revel in the logic!

Besides, as long as every small group of people concentrates on its own short-range goals, its own "justice," its own "revenge," its own "national security," there will be no attention paid to the overall problems of survival that face civilization and humanity. And when civilization crumbles and billions die and humanity is reduced to broken bits of scavenging bands of tattered barbarians, where will all that justice and revenge and national security be?

So that is the...crucial life-and-death decision the world must make in the 1980's.

Either it will continue to behave as though the world were still a nineteenth- century conglomeration of nations, warring and preparing for war, each trying to improve its standing at the expense of others, each trying to dominate its region, its continent, or the whole planet - or else the nations must make the deliberate decision to stand together and, understanding that the crisis in energy could put an end to all civilization everywhere, agree to a planetary attack on the crisis, leaving all minor problems to decision by arbitration, compromise, goodwill, and patience.

Feel free to state your opinion by going to my forum. The button is at the bottom of this page. It's ok to hate my guts. We still live in a free country. I'm not afraid of anything you may say. It's illegal to have a satellite dish in Iraq. Think about it. (Well, it was when I first wrote this. Now, the good people of Iraq have to decide for themselves. and having 100% responsibility for your own life is very difficult. alot of Americans' have trouble doing it. I wish these people luck!)